Culture, leadership and continuous improvement

(OpEx) is an approach to business management that emphasizes continuous improvement across all aspects of the business and within all business processes by creating a culture where management and employees are invested in business outcomes and empowered to implement change

Empower, train and growth

Without manage the entire things these 3 pillars are not working appropriately. It is based on more about apply standards in information flow, material flow and process flow of any manufacturing industry.

Work safe daily

Now a days EHS is top most priority task for any business owner and overall 10% productivity is lying with this pillar. As good as EHS practices strong in any manufacturing industry their output is increase day by day.

Design, crafting and prototyping

New product development is back bone for any manufacturing industry. We support customer to develop parts as well as assembly to create 3D model and 2D manufacturing drawings with all test measurement and parameters

Operation Excellence

Management Consultancy


Design & Development

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About MechMinds

With over 15 years of extensive experience,

We have successfully navigated various manufacturing processes and executed project management initiatives. Our expertise extends to new product development, the application of Lean manufacturing tools, and the implementation of HR best practices across diverse manufacturing industries.

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Industries We Serve

We work with various industries, but our major focus on the following important sectors:

Engineering Industries

Automobile Ancillaries manufacturer

Mass production Assembly Lines

Capital Equipment Manufacturer

Heavy Fabrication Industries

Read what our customers say

Outstanding design and development services! The team’s attention to detail and commitment to quality truly set them apart.

Viren Patel Owner Digitronics systems

Incredible impact! Operation Excellence redefined our strategies, ensuring top-tier performance.

Atul Kathiriya Owner Plasto India Pvt Ltd

Thanks to the EHS initiatives, our workplace is now safer and healthier. Employee well-being is prioritized, and we’ve seen a significant reduction in accidents. Truly impactful!

Hemang Parikh MD Parikh Packing

Thanks to MechMinds Management Consultancy, we streamlined processes, improved team dynamics, and witnessed exponential growth. Their expertise and personalized solutions exceeded our expectations. Highly recommend their services!

Varun Patel MD Protonics Machines

Case Studies

5S Implementation

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SMED Implementation

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Visual Factory and Balance Scorecard

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Lean Facility Layout

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New Product Development

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Value Stream Mapping

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much timeline it takes to develop new product?

There is total 7 phase of product development, and in each phase there is specific time line to accomplish task. Also, time is depended on how complex product is and what are the testing criteria involved in it. In a summary you can say 6-to-10-month time is required to develop average product

Is design cost play vital role in development?

For today’s scenario design cost is playing vital role, even after corona global demand is huge and we are competing China in manufacturing market in that case design cost is very important. It should be optimized.

What does operation excellence mean?

It is a mindset that embraces certain principles and tools to create a culture of excellence within an organization. Operational excellence means every employee can see, deliver, and improve the flow of value to a customer.

Can I eligible for implementing operation excellence?

There are no any specific criteria to implement operation excellence in any organization. It is purely depending how management is ready to adopt culture change. If management ready everything is possible.

What is meant by hazard and risk?
  1. Hazard: something that could potentially cause harm
  2. Risk: the degree of likelihood that harm will be caused
What is energy conservation and energy audit?
  1. Energy conservation is the decision and practice of using less energy.
  2. An energy audit is an inspection survey and an analysis of energy flows for energy conservation in a building. It may include a process or system to reduce the amount of energy input into the system without negatively affecting the output.
Why do I need business consulting service in my organization?

It is highly effective practice and approach that convert owner base organization to system base organization and it is bunch of proven methods that after implementing your industry run in to auto pilot mode.

What is the difference between consultant and employee?

A consultant has 360-degree view point with prescribe best experience towards multiple industries in compare of this where as an employee has specific knowledge of task for what he/she appointed.

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